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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 14, 2010 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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it's primary day in dc can and maryland. there appears to be a nag in the this race for mayor. there are reports of problems with ballot scanners in words 7 and 8. both the incumbent mayor and his opponent gay gray hit the polls this morning. 9 news now kristin fisher was there. dc mayor fenty arrived at northwest school in washington
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to cast a vote for himself in the race for mayor. >> we are not only confident but appreciative of the support we have been getting. people are excited and i think it will be a great 13 hours leading us to victory at 8:00 tonight. >> reporter: across town in southeast washington, his challenger, dc council chair vincent gray cast his vote at the senior wellness center. >> i was undecided when i got there. i absolutely voted for vincent gray. i think he is the best candidate. i have known the man all of my life and studied his record. a absolutely sterling record. >> reporter: 15,000 dc residents had voted by the time the polls opened at 7:00 on tuesday morning. the latest polls put gray between 7 and 17 points ahead of fenty. >> i think he is doing a good job with the city and i hope the next four years are just as good if not better. >> it is good because gray offers the people better opportunity.
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mr. fenty has not been a good mayor or taken the time to look at everybody in the community. he's only looked at a surgeon segment of the community. >> reporter: if the race is a blowout, we will have a winner tonight. if it is close it could be a few days. keep in mind this is the first year for same day registration in the district than that could complicate things once the polls close at 8:00 tonight. 9 news now. another race we are keeping an eye on is the republican gubernatorial primary in maryland. former governor ehrlich has a big lead in the polls but a few weeks ago, sarah palin made headlines she backed brian murphy. that drew attention and money to his campaign. monday, ehrlich did receive the support of palin's running mate two years ago, arizona senator john mccain. there are races to keep an eye on. in delaware the primary for the u.s. delegate put mike castle
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against christine o'donnell. in new york the one to watch is the primary for governor. former attorney general is this front runner. in prince georges county, residents are voting for a new sheriff. , state attorney, school board and county council. and a negative ad against michael jackson is in the spotlight. at this time draws attention to the mistaken county police raid in bear win heights two years ago. the mayor's dogs were killed. jackson is unhappy with the ad. >> they don't live in prince georges county and know nothing about michael jackson or my accomplishes over the last eight years. >> the ad was paid for by local 1199. it respects health care workers at the prince georges county hospital. stay with 9 news now and all day long for
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continuing coverage of primary day. get up to the second results on our website. derek and anita will have reaction at 11:00. we also have voters guides on the website. just look urn 9 news extras. we have a breaking news story regarding one of the three americans held in iran. right now shourd is on the way home but two others remain accused of spying. we have more on what led to her release. >> iran's english language news channel announced her release. >> one of the three american citizens who were detained in iran and that one has been freed. >> reporter: shourd and two other americans were arrested over a year ago while hiking over the board per of iran and iraq. all three were charged with spying. after days of conflicting reports they said that she was released on $500,000 bail and her mother is already waiting for her in nearby amman.
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yesterday they asked for the bail to be reduced because they did said they didn't have the money. the u.s. government has no diplomatic relations with iran. so swiss diplomates are reported to be handling the details of the release. here at the state department, officials told cbs news they didn't want to comment until after shourd had left iranian air space. >> she says her daughter has medical problems which may have been a factor in her release. the two other americans, remain in custody. this morning the iranian government announced their pre- trial detention had been extended for two months. that announcement did not say when the two may actually go to trial. a lists say the conflicting reports over when and how shourd would be released could mean the iranian government is divided over what to do with the jailed americans. >> the president will touchdown in philadelphia in an hour.
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he is going there for a pep talk with students in high school. he did the same thing last year in arlington. secretary of state hillary clinton is in egypt starting a neck round of middle east peace talks and will be joined by netanyahu and abbas. on behalf of the president p secretary clinton pressed israel to extend the moratorium on new buildings in the west bank settlement. the meetings will be hosted by mubarak. an update on a story we told you about on monday. fairfax county police say a long-running dispute between neighbors led to murder. 44-year-old david patton is charged. police say he shot and killed steven carr inside of carr's home on field master drive in springfield. neighbors told 9 news now what happened on sunday night. >> there was a lot of shots. and then all i heard was sirens they had guns drawned and pointed at the woods and all of a sudden we hear, freeze, freeze, get on the ground!
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>> reporter: investigators say patton was angry over a speed bump carr pushed to have installed on field master drive. 9 news now over the scene of a mass water main break in frederick. this is the scene a short while ago. crews are working to repair the main but two shopping centers are closed as a result. sky 9 over kensington where a man was struck by a car and thrown on to train tracks. it happened at 9:00 this morning on metropolitan avenue and edgewood road the csx trains have been stopped while officials investigate. the unidentified man suffered serious nonlife-threatening injuries. a pedestrian is rushed to the hospital after he was struck while crossing the street. it happened just before 6:30 this morning at central avenue and garrett morgan boulevard in hyattsville. they say the man walked in to anyon coming car. the driver stayed at the scene. at this point there is no word on the condition of the man.
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a meltdown of the computers caused a problem for drivers. the automated system on the franconia dmv went on the fritz self hours yesterday and two weeks ago a mass server failed shutting down services across the commonwealth. the company that provides computer services to virginia is looking in to what caused the problem at the dmv and 25 orstate agencies. northrop grumman says it will pay for the end review. they have a $2.4 billion ten- year contract with virginia. everyone should a wash their hands, and it appears women are more vigilant than men, but why? >> the surprising benefits of video games. i'm in los angeles and i will tell you what skills they help
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taking a look at the living well headlines. health officials are growing more concerned about a super bug that is resist tan to nearly all antibiotics. it has sickened three people in this u.s. and canada. they people were receiving medical care in india where the problem is widespread. americans are washing their hands more often. a new survey finds 85% of people wash their hands in
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public restaurants. that's up 8% since 2007 and the highest since the survey started. the h1n1 may have sparked the improvement. the survey found women wash their hands more than men. as many as 9 million americans can be at risk for severe health problems and not even know it. the disease known as peripheral artery disease or pad occur when fat builds up in blood vessels in areas of the body besides the brain and heart, specifically in the legs leading to severe cramping when exercise or just walking. many people choke it up to getting older but poor circulation can mean foot ulcers don't heal and if it is bad enough loss of a limb. it is linked to buy piece and kidney -- diabetes and kidney disease so are there a lot of reasons not to ignore it. 20 state are the calling the health care reform plan
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unconstitutional. federal attorney generals will argue the state doesn't have the right to sue and states say they have the new law that will require them to spend more money on medical care. students are getting hands on training. they have donated a 3,000 square foot simulation lab. the center will allow students to come in and face real life medical situations while professors gauge reactions and provide feedback. howard is up next with the forecast. very comfortable this afternoon, a bit breezy. we will talk about a front that is pushing through. we will talk about the weekend and right now we are talking about the allergens in the air. because even though it has been dry, the mold spores in the moderate category. seven-day forecast and the details coming up when we xc@3w÷)
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well, not sure if this is what he was thinking about with that song rocket man but a stunt flyer touched down on monday morning during the monday morning commute to
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launch the x-box game halo reach. the latest installment went on sale today. a new study shows that those fast-paced action video games can help people make accurate decisions faster. researchers say video game play everies develop a heightened sensitivity to what is going on around them and this helps improve their skills like driving and multitasking. >> caleb and his friends love to play video games. >> shooting games are the best. especially for guys, killing things always fun. these games may be more than just fun. may may help our brain make accurate decisions faster. >> you have to look all over the screen all the time. looking for people trying to kill you. >> reporter: researchers tested young adults who don't normally play video games. half played 50 hours of fast- paced shoot them up action games and the other group played a slow moving strategy
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games and afterwards were given a series of tests. the action players reached a decision 25% faster than they were just as accurate. >> they were -- we think of young gamers as being trigger happy, meaning they are responding really fast but don't think of what they are doing, and our study shows it is really not the case. >> reporter: researchers say it doesn't just make them better video game players but better decision makers in real life. >> if you are driving that means you would be able to hit the brakes faster upon seeing something on the road. >> reporter: previous research found video games can improve hand-eye coordination and reaction time. >> i think it makes your brain work harder. >> for caleb and his friends, choosing to play video games is the right decision. cbs news, los angeles. turning out to be another beautiful day out there. some great one, howard. >> we do.
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we need rain. the drought conditions in west virginia, panhandle, not good. we can't get you much in the way of shower activity until thursday night, friday morning but then it will not be enough. this afternoon is looking good. high clouds mixing in out there. in in spite of that up to 83. 86 at 3:00. and upper 70s by 9:00 here in washington. we will cool off quicker in our outer suburbs. by tomorrow morning, clear to partly cloudy, lower 50s in the chilly spots to low 80s in town. wins will relax some. today they will gust over 20 at times. it will be down five to ten overnight with sunset 7:18. wednesday, partly to mostly sunny and pleasant. lower 80s with a west northwest wind at ten miles an hour. satellite and radar. we have been seeing clouds, high and mid level clouds coming in west to east. there's no rain with them but they are dimming this sky a bit. even with the clouds, 88 in
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tappahannock, 86 fredericksburg. there's some warmth still out there. northern half of the viewing area in the 70s. cumberland and gaithersburg 73. frederick 79. oakland is 63. you have a difference in the mountains and the bay a little cooler along the bay. pax i river naval air station 84. national airport 83. winds northwest. that front is pushing through. they have been south southwesterly most of the morning and the dew.s have dropped in the upper 50s to low 880s in to the low 50s. we are watching the clouds move in from the west. the rain, alaska, missouri, up in to new england, hundreds of miles away from us. and turnly in in spite of the front coming through, the big effect are the winds behind it and the drier air that's been moving in. the dry say with us and looking good on wednesday. wednesday night. we look good on thursday morning, but thursday we are also watching this area of low pressure starting to pull out
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of michigan, detroit could be seeing rain and thunder. then a line of showers and storms ahead of the cold front but the cold front is going to get here maybe thursday night. the main rain will be north. so we are talking showers opposed to a good soaking drought busting rain not coming toward you. in the tropics we have igor out here and we have hurricane julia. this is going this way. not a problem. but igor is a monster storm. category four. this eye down to 20 nautical miles. this thing has a great structure to it. and leewind and winward islands here we will be seeing sales from this later today and tonight. the hurricane will miss them. winds down to 135. it will weaken as it gets closer to bermuda. 1200 miles away but potentially by sunday morning knocking on the doorstep of bermuda as a category two storm. this one needs to be watched. our seven-day forecast, we have got the temperatures and a good
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range. mid-80s today. upper 80s south. low 80s tomorrow. in the mid to upper 80s on thursday ahead of the front. there's the showers that could be around in to friday morning. 78 on friday. saturday and sunday look sunny and pretty good here. skins have another home game. highs sunday in the low to mid- 80s. that's the weather. subs are in the house when 9 news now at noon returns. !%
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look at you.
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body rested. stress gone. mind sharp. because unisom gave you deep restful sleep all night. morning early birds. unisom. good night. good morning. we want to remind you to tune in to 9 news now at 5:00. we will have the latest weather, traffic, news to get you on the way to work.
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it is lunchtime here on 9 news now. wish you could smell it in the studio. we have dan from fire house subs with us and lindsey making subs here and you have an interesting story. tell us about the sub company. >> fire house subs was started by two jacksonville firemen in 1994. they have about 200 years worth of firefighting experience within their immediate family. it is a very unique jacksonville concept. we use steamers to steam our meat and cheese, which is different than our competition that is out there. we use large portions of nothing but choice meats, usually whole mussels. >> reporter: and i have to tell you it is pretty big. i'm looking at the sandwich that lindsey making over there. that's a big sub. >> that is the hook and ladder sandwich. it is sweet virginia honey ham, smoked turkey breast, put on top of a roll, which we call
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fully involved, mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, tomato, a half pound of meat on a large sandwich and really melts in your mouth. >> reporter: and the steamer is the key ingredient in your subs because that is what makes you different. why do you steam? >> we think of it as a two part process. if you run it through a toaster it doesn't do as good of a job as heating the meat and cheese product. it makes a unique signature flavored sandwich unlake anything else. >> and wonderful smell. you do some altruistic efforts. >> we started in 2005. last year we donated $750,000 back to local fire departments with life-saving equipment, jaws of life, thermal imaging cameras. this year on track to donate over $1 million. >> great work and great food. the hook and ladder is the number one. what's your number two
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sandwich? >> the number two, or fast approaching it is smoke house beef and che dare, a beef brisket smoked for ten plus houred and smothered in cheddar cheese and topped with sweet baby ray's barbecue sauce. >> can't wait to try it. that does it for 9 news now at noon. you can join us back here at phi clock and of course anytime you can join us at for news 24 hours a day. howard is ready to have a sub. >> i am. i misspoke, the weed pollen is high. it is not low. it is high. we looked at the facts more care willfulfully. the temperatures will stay in the 80s. no t as hot as these guys but warm this time of the year. showers in to thursday knight and friday morning and i was talking to these guys earlier, fresh cut tomatoes. >> can't wait to try it. we will see you back at 5:00
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